Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Sunshine and flowers

I am loving this sunshine! It seems like everything has just sprung into life.

I decided to take a few photos when I got home from work today. This one above is of a little patch of forget-me-nots, these are one of my favourite flowers and if you look at the little blue/lilac flowers you'll see they are so pretty. If you'll notice at the right side of the picture you'll see one my cats paws, he was just about to come and help as he always likes to!

If you are interested in a little gift from me, check this out.

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The Dotty One said...

Oooooh so pretty. I love forget me nots - I never understand why people think of them as weeds, they've got such beautiful delicate flowers.
I'm loving the spring too at the moment - going to get out there now before the sun leaves us again!