Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Stamp heaven

First craft fair of the year over and it left me very short of stamp collages, so Sunday was spent rummaging through my box of vintage stamps.  I'm no stamp collector, despite the amount of stamps I own, but I do love sorting out combinations that work well together and finding beautiful, miniature pieces of art, it really is so satisfying....geek.  I can't list these new collages in the shop yet as maintenance work is being done but hopefully will get them in as soon as possible.  Until then you can still buy what's in the shop here.

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Beaky said...

Hi Bee,
Nice to hear from you too! I understand you know my friend Keely I think it was. Actually I used one on my other halves valentine. Loving the stamp collages oh and the snowy photos. I love snow too! Just need a little more pls.