Sunday, 17 April 2011

A touch of love

Another beautiful weekend has come to an end. Have you been doing lots and enjoying the sunshine?
I've spent most of my time indoors being creative, or at least trying to be. I'm in the process of helping my friend with wedding invitations, trying to get the shops organised and myself ready for upcoming fairs. A week off work next week will hopefully give me the chance to get everything sorted along with spending time with friends and family and generally enjoying myself.
I have managed, eventually, to create a pretty treasury and thought i'd share a few of the items with you here. Click on the image to go and see it in full. I seem to be having loads of problems with Etsy lately, either the page wont load or I can't see any of the images. I've checked all my computer settings and everything seems fine. Does anyone else have the same problems?

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