Sunday, 27 February 2011

Time to relax

Sorry i've been gone so long but i've had nothing exciting to share with you over the last week or so, but i'm back and have some lovely Etsy goodies to show off to you. I love the greys, blues and natural colours, they have such a relaxing feel to them don't you think?

Cute house shoes - Leninka
Beautiful handstiched leather journal - Odelae
Pretty bike print - Skippy Designs
Flower beanbag bookends - Dede Etsy shop
Sea Urchine - TCapone Photo
Snug felted slippers - ing00te
When I think of winter mornings print - Sick Feet
Message in a bottle - Perriwinkle Prints
Pretty little vintage gold hairpin - Sumikoshop

I've been finding some fantastic shops via the 'suggested shops' in my etsy favorites section; i'm loving it!

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