Wednesday, 12 January 2011

New Year. New image.

Happy New Year!

I've been slacking off for a while now with this poor little blog and my online shop but this year I am determined to try and keep them up to date. 'Determined to try', that doesn't sound too convincing does it?

I've been stuck on the sofa for the last two days with a poorly knee so after spending yesterday enduring daytime TV I decided i'd try and be a bit more productive today, so the new banner at the top of this post was made. What do you think? Do you prefer it to the normal one (at the top of the blog)?

The reason I started to change it was because i'm opening a shop on folksy and there's already a 'Bee Designs' on there, so after alot of thought I decided to go for 'Sue at Bee Designs' as my shop name
; I didn't want to change it completely.

I'd really appreciate some feedback, positive or negative if you have any to give on the banner design.

Time to go now but not for as long I promise.

Night, night.

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