Monday, 22 March 2010

A place to remember

Last summer at a craft fair, I met a lovely gentleman who started chatting to me about bookbinding. He had done some binding himself but he had spent most of his time creating prints, I think he said he had worked in the printing trade. He came to see me again at another fair later in the year and we exchanged a couple of books each.
Shortly after Christmas I received an email from him telling me had been given some paper and that he was happy to go halves with me, having been so busy it wasn't until yesterday that I was able to go and collect it.
When we (Anna and I) arrived, he took us through the house out to a room attached to the garage that was full of books, as he showed me the paper Anna noticed that all these books were in some way art books.
After we carried the huge pile of paper out to the car, he then took us into the garage to get more. It was at this point that I noticed at least three plan chests, four (that I could see) old and beautiful printing presses, drawers full of letterpress equipment and yet more books. I nearly fell on the floor in amazement.
Not only was there all these wonderful things but when he took us back into the house to chat with him and his lovely wife, he showed us some of the beautiful pictures, and more books, he owns.
If you've managed to stay with me through this post, you'll probably have guessed I was quite amazed by this wonderful man and the collections that he has created over the years, I felt like a kid in sweet shop, everywhere I looked I was utterly amazed.
Thank you B for all the paper, sharing your collections and most of all inspiring me to be more creative.

Image noriko.stardust via flickr

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