Tuesday, 29 September 2009

A welcome surprise

It's 3am on a Tuesday morning and I can't sleep. I am in agony with what I asume is an ear infection. I can't put my head on the pillow because it hurts, so instead I turn on the laptop and start reading my favourite blogs. When I get to Sycamore Street Press I scroll down reading the last few posts i've missed and then I see a picture of my gift tags. What could this be? I read on to find out i've only won this incredible print. Whoop whoop!!! I can't believe it as I never win anything, except a blue fluffy elephant when I was about seven of course. The artist behind this Sycamore Street Press print is David Ngarupe and if you fancy reading a few Q&A's with him click here. If you haven't heard of Sycamore street press before, you have to have a look at some of their other work as it really is wonderful, I blogged about them once before here and there's a link to their website here.

Thank you so much Eva and I can't wait to see the print in the flesh.


Rupeshow said...

I'm glad you like the print. Thanks.

Freshly Found said...

CONGRATS! How lovely to win a prize, especially when you are sick. Hope that ear is better soon!