Thursday, 2 July 2009

Beside the seaside, beside the sea.

Yesterday was my Birthday and we spent the day at the seaside.

I am such a big kid when it comes to the beach.....I love it. I hadn't been in two, yes two years and couldn't wait to go paddling and hunting for crabs in the rock pools. Eating icecream along the sea front and enjoying the beautiful weather was just perfect.

I didn't take many photos which is quite unusual for me as i'm famous for snapping a thousand of pictures of one beach, my friends love it when they get to see them all on my return! But here are a few of the day.

The weather's still beautiful but now it's time to start stocking up ready for Bosworth Show on Sunday, lets hope this sunshine continues for that.

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Lobster and swan said...

looks like you had great weather, I hope your birthday was super special.

The seaside here is right on my doorstep, but I probably only walk on the sand twice a year!