Friday, 8 May 2009

It's sooooo big!

It's sooooo big

I was just looking through some of my photos and came across these.
These two pictures are taken from the same point on the road but looking in opposite directions at this huge bridge. I came across it last year when driving through the countryside and immediately had to stop and take some pictures.

Another week at work is over and I've got a busy couple of days this weekend. Sunday I have a stall at Burbage Common Open day, so tomorrow during the day, I'll be making sure I have everything ready for that before going out to the hockey awards night (I'm not sure that's what it's called) with my wonderful friend and Bee Designs' marketing executive (she arranges the market stalls) Anna. I don't play hockey myself but like to offer my support to Anna and the team at social events, it's far less strenuous.

What have you got planned for the weekend? I hope you enjoy whatever you do and i'll see you soon.


The Dotty One said...

These are great pics. I love that you pulled over and stopped to take them. When I see something great I don't pull over and spend the next half hour regretting it!
Hope the stall goes well tomorrow. I'm spending the weekend on a mosaic workshop which so far has been brilliant but surprisingly tiring!
Have a good one :o)

Bee Designs said...

Thanks, to be honest, I normally do the same and just drive past, but I was struck at the sight of this bridge.
The stall went really well today thanks, can't wait till the next one. I hope the mosaic workshop was good, that's something i'd really like to have a go at, would love to see what you've made.