Thursday, 10 July 2008

Bosworth Show

On Sunday we packed up our things and went off to Bosworth Show. It started raining pretty much as soon as I began loading the car and carried on for most of the day on and off(more on than off)! It didn't seem to put alot people off and everytime it came heavy, people ran to the marquee for shelter, which certainly helped us.

Everytime we do a fair we seem to set the stall up slightly differently and this time was no exception, however we thought this was the best display we've done so far and i'm not even sure what we did so differently. Looks great though doesn't it?

When we did the last fair at Burbage Common we met Nic who is the incredibly talented person behind Nic Holloway Glass. She creates beautiful fused glass and leaded pieces and was Creative Leicestershire Bursary Winner 2007. We met up with her again at Bosworth(unfortunately without the wine this time) and would you believe this is only her second fair, her stall looks fantastic, no tweaking like mines needed everytime!

All her work is to an extremely high standard and her new packaging shows this off perfectly. I had to have one of her pendants and couldn't decide last time which one to have, I loved one of the fused glass pieces that are part of a framed picture she has and when we arrived at Bosworth she'd made me a pendant in the same colours and design. I love the white and dark aqua together and when I was wearing it I couldn't stop touching it, it feels lovely on.

The next craft fair is "Preston Presents" in Rutland which is held on the last weekend in August so I think i'm going to be really busy between now and then getting my stock built up, so i'd better get going and start making!


design for mankind. said...


Niesz Vintage Home said...

Your booth looks great!
I'm so glad the rain didn't cause any trouble for you.

I've done a few antique shows outside, and you always hold your breath as the clouds roll in. LOL

Love the pendant that you got, too.

Kimberly :)

Marie Louise said...

I think your booth looks great. How did you do for the day? I love your designs.

Lara said...

Your booth looked amazing!!! You do very nice work!